NEW: T8 Delivery Restaurant Robot

The T8 Delivery Robot is the newest addition to the Keenon Robotics restaurant robot lineup. With a new interactive display, the T8 is available in full laser and tag models. Utilizes an open concept to help deliver happiness to your customers’ tables.

T8 Restaurant Robot

New Features for the Future of Restaurants

The T8 Restaurant Delivery Robot is the newest addition from Keenon Robotics. With three 300° serving trays and a new interactive feature to communicate with guests, the T8 is here to lower labor costs, increase speed of service, and make your restaurant the go-to spot in your neighborhood.

See the T8’s Newest Features

SLAM Localization & Mapping

The T8 utilizes SLAM localization & mapping construction technology to map out your restaurant. Can run stably and efficiently in your dining room. High positioning accuracy is thanks to encoder, IMU, liadrodom, LIDAR, machine vision learning, UWB, and more.


Product Size


Maximum Speed


Tray Dimension


Maximum Angle


Robot Weight

35 KG

Battery Life

13-16h (Label); 9-12h (Laser)

Load Capacity


Charging Time


Operating Environment

Indoor, Flat & Smooth Ground