The Future of Restaurant
Service is Here.

Meet the T5.

The evolution of restaurant operations is here. The T5 Delivery Robot provides contactless delivery from your kitchen line to your customers’ tables with this fully automated solutions. Better allocate wait staff to improve guest experience instead of running dishes.

Watch a Quick Video of the T5.


The T5 Delivery Robot is programmed to provide your guests with a delightful experience from start to finish. Filled with human expressions and an adjustable body, the T5 is perfect to bring a new face to your business.

Speaking Capability

Intelligent Expressions

Adjustable Structure

Four Serving Trays

Run Multiple Robots.

The T5 Delivery Robot’s self-developed communication system through intelligent coordination provides realized AI distribution scheduling.This helps to ensure multi-robot cooperation between several robots on your restaurant floor. Streamline restaurant operations instantly with our delivery robot systems.

Restaurant Operation Benefits

  • Reallocate Staff to Assist More Customers
  • Provide Contactless Delivery for Guests
  • Better Manage Labor Costs
  • Futuristic Guest Experience

SLAM Positioning & Navigation

The T5 Delivery Robot can efficiently navigate a restaurant thanks to our self-developed SLAM synchronous localization and map construction system. Navigation is thanks to multiple multi-sensor systems, including: gyroscope (IMU), lidarodom, LIDAR, stereo vision (RGBD) and UWB + WiFi. Mapping is performed on site with our certified technical team.


Size (L*W*H)


Rated Power


Product Weight


Standby Time


Battery Capacity

DC 48V 12Ah

Battery Life



LIDAR, machine vision, depth vision, touch sensor

Standby Current


Loading Capacity

Top: 490mm*404mm*188m Other: 490mm*404mm*176mm

Charging Time


Maximum Speed


Charging Mode

Automatic / Manual

Maximum Climb Angle


Network Interface


Working Temperature

0 – 45°C

Operating Life