Room Service Just Got a Whole Lot More Convenient.

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Delight Guests with AI

It’s time to bring your hotel into the 21st century. The W3 Hotel Robot is perfect to create a smart hotel environment for your business. Provide guests with a contactless, safe, and futuristic experience from your kitchen to your hotel room. The W3 is a fully automated solution to deliver goods and products to your hotel guests.

Watch the Future of Hotels.

Self-Navigating for Better Service.

The W3 Hotel Robot is equipped with our self-developed fully autonomous and navigation system. Our robot’s mapping system is able to navigate hallways, elevators, and obstructions on its way to deliver to your hotel guests. Reduce labor costs, better allocate staff, delight guests, and provide your hotel with a futuristic appeal that others in your area may not have.


Product Size


Charging Mode

Automatic / Manual

Production Net Weight


Maximum Speed


Display Screen

TFT LCD 11.6-Inch Touch Screen, 1920*1080

Maximum Climbing Angle


Loading Capacity

Upper Cabin: 39*38.5*30cm Lower Cabin: 39*38.5*30cm; Cabins can be consolidated; Autonomous opening capability

Maximum Height


Navigation Methods

Laser, IMU, multi-sensor position encoding

Endurance Time


Obstacle Avoidance Method

Dual stereo vision, dual ultrasound, collision bar and other sensor methods

Network Interface


Battery Capacity

DC48V  12AH

Charging Time


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